Success Stories





Benefits Realized

  • Secure: The new AWS-based infrastructure was able to meet 100% of 4C Entity’s security requirements, and replace the airgapped on-premise proprietary solution.
  • More productive: The new AWS-based solution using AWS services and standard technology simplified administration of infrastructure and customer onboarding support, delivering a 35% reduction in overall staff time required for onboarding and support.
  • Lower total cost: By establishing a standard infrastructure using AWS services and standard container technology, 4C Entity was achieve 65% annual runrate savings on their infrastructure costs.


The 4C Entity was formed to develop technologies that will enable premium content to be shared as authorized on a wide range of electronic devices built by multiple manufacturers. 4C Entity is working to provide consumers with flexible access to all forms of digital content, while ensuring that the content is high quality, easy to store and maintain, transferable to similar digital devices and copyright-holder friendly


4C Entity is an industry consortium that provides secure digital rights management technology to a broad range of device and media manufacturing companies. 4C Entity’s approach includes running key generation algorithms to generate rights management keys, and then using secure file distribution technology to provide keys to their customers. 4C Entity’s technology was running in a private airgapped secure data center. The technology in use was outdated and it was becoming hard to maintain the key generation technology and also easily and securely administer distribution of keys. 4C engaged A2CC to develop a secure, up-to-date, easy to use, and maintainable solution on AWS.


A2C Cloud created a standardized and secure landing zone on AWS with VPN and Bastion access that allowed 4C Entity administrators to access, configure, and maintain the key generation and distribution infrastructure. We then provisioned a container-based compute infrastructure using Elastic Container Service and Elastic Container Registry, with Elastic File Store to store generated keys to 4C Entity requirements. We configured AWS Transfer Services SFTP for customers to upload and download required elements from 4C entity, and a processing infrastructure using S3, Lambda, and Data Sync to manage key flow between the compute infrastructure and the AWS Transfer Services SFTP interface.