Success Stories





Benefits Realized

The customer not only created a new product offering which provides additional revenue, but also created a platform which differentiates them by having the ability to provide measured value back to their customers.

  • New Product Time to Market decreased by 34%
  • Decreased customer support calls by 18%
  • Increased revenue by customer 26%
Data Ingestion & Analytics
Business Objective

A leader in media metadata, this customer offers comprehensive TV, movie, music, gaming, book information, editorial and multimedia that drives content consumption and provides superior enjoyment of digital entertainment. Due to their extensive metadata expertise the customer has a unique ability to understand and create analytics and insights for its Cable Provider customers and is establishing an Enterprise Analytics Factory capable of ingesting, cleansing and enriching their customers' data to provide them with a deeper understanding of their subscriber’s behaviors and consumption of media content.


A2C Cloud is helping this customer establish a Big Data Analytics platform that will not only be capable of processing billions of records of information from its clients, but be agile enough to quickly create new analytical product offerings to meet their needs as the industry continues to evolve. The new platform solution will include:

  • Scalability to handle the data explosion and storage needs for Music, Data, Gaming and Video businesses
  • Metadata driven ETL frameworks to reduce processing times and system maintenance due to source data changes
  • Hybrid data warehousing architectures and frameworks that are capable of seamlessly handling unstructured “Big Data” utilizing Hadoop and traditionally structured data sources
  • Closed-Loop, Predictive Analytics capable of surfacing insights to their customers about subscriber behavior and media consumption
  • AWS was targeted to support all aspects in the E2E architecture beginning with AWS Data Lake Formation, AWS Athena and AWS Sagemaker for Machine Learning predicative analytics.