Success Stories





Benefits Realized

  • More efficient and secure: The new account and service structure allowed Heirloom Cloud to properly secure customer assets, scale to keep up with demand from new customers, and reduce performance and operational issues by over 75%.
  • New Revenue: By providing a flexible and convenient way for customers to track their conversion orders and managed converted assets securely forever with a subscription site, Heirloom Cloud won 50% more conversion business in the first year, with a new multi-tier subscription revenue stream.
  • Better Customer Experience: The new customer portal and mobile offering provided a superior experience. Says one happy customer: “I previously tried a different digitizing service, but the Heirloom experience was so much better! Now I can log in and share my memories with friends around the world.”


No memory left behind – that is Heirloom’s mission. We're challenged to connect subscribers to all photos, videos, and each other. Friends exchange content, find meaningful connections, and build enduring communities on Heirloom’s secure network.


Heirloom Cloud had an existing AWS account, but had concerns about the quality of their offering and needed to migrate their OnPrem storage to AWS. Heirloom asked A2C Cloud to audit and strengthen the security, scalability, and feature set of their website, to provide a consistent and secure experience for their customers to view and share their digitized media.


A2C Cloud addressed Heirloom’s concerns by breaking the effort into phases. In the first phase, A2C Cloud performed a well-architected framework assessment and migration plan for their storage. We then created a standardized and secure AWS Organization structure, and deployed core customer application functionality and secure services using S3, CloudFront, DynamoDB, and Lambda.

In the second phase, A2C Cloud extended customer functionality, including the ability to upgrade plans with a Stripe credit card and upload, download, and management of Private Memories. In this phase A2C Cloud completed Heirloom’s data migration to s3.