Success Stories





Benefits Realized

  • Improved Efficiency: the new partitioned entities Cloud Formation automation, and environments allowed, iCrowdNewswire’s IT team to improve their efficiency by 13%.
  • Faster Time to Value: The improved development environments and provisioning automation allowed iCrowdNewswire to deliver products much faster, helping increase profitability by 9%.
  • Improved efficiency and controls: The new entity-specific OU partitioning allowed iCrowdNewswire to better attribute and manage spend, and cut operating costs by 13%. Entity-specific roles and policies prevented unintentional data leakage a


iCrowdNewswire is an international digital marketing newswire, providing the best press release distribution services while deploying new AI-driven technologies and establishing partnerships with the best in the industry.


One of iCrowdNewswire’s highest priorities was to optimize their AWS infrastructure. They had three separate companies hosted in a single account.

iCrowdNewswire asked A2C Cloud to create an AWS Organizations structure that provided proper resource allocation, cost management, development and production enviornments, and controls for each of the three separate iCrowdNewswire business entities, and then move the existing resources into their entityspecific designated accounts.


A2C Cloud started by creating a new AWS Organization for iCrowdNewswire with a separate Organization Unit for each business entity and provisioning standard environments using Cloud Formation Templates. These environments established separate instances of Content Engine using Elastic Beanstalk for the core application instances, RDS for data storage, Lambda functions to push CloudWatch logs to Loggly, and S3 buckets for the news content. A2C Cloud then worked with iCloudNewswire to allocate and migrate content, resources, roles, and identities to the appropriate entity OUs, and cross-train iCloudNewswire on adoption of the new development and production environments.