Success Stories





Benefits Realized

  • More efficient and secure: The new account structure allowed Inari Medical’s multiple business units to operate securely and independently, with a 16% increase in employee productivity and explicit controls to prevent unauthorized access.
  • More productive: The new AMI packaging the Data Science tool chain and data lake has allowed the Data Science team to operate more efficiently in a standardized way, achieve a 13% increase in scope of data access.
  • Lower total cost: By consolidating all activities into a standardized AWS Organization and account structure, Inari Medical has been able to lower their operating costs by 11%.


Inari Medical is dedicated to treating venous thromboembolism and transforming the lives of patients suffering from venous diseases by safely and effectively removing blood clots.


Inari Medical offers multiple products that treat and transform the lives of patients suffering from venous diseases. To accelerate product evolution and treatment development, Inari Medical needed a quick and easy way to share data among multiple groups in the company.

Inari Medical asked A2C Cloud to help them define an AWS Organizations account structure that would allow multiple business units to function independently, resource sharing accounts to reuse core components, and departmental accounts and tools environment for the data science team. They also asked us to provision a data lake to facilitate the storage and sharing of large amounts of data.


A2C Cloud created a standardized and secure AWS Organization structure that allowed multiple business units to operate autonomously and securely. A2C established Service Control Policies and other controls to ensure that defined roles and members in each department were able to perform service actions only in their designated accounts. For identity management, A2C integrated Okta identity management with AWS SSO for authenticating and authorizing users to the AWS services and interfaces. For the data science team, A2C packaged the Data Science tool chain in a custom AMI for standardizing the environment build-out. A2C cloud then set up a data lake in the Data Science account, which the data scientists used to prepare and publish data.