Success Stories





Benefits Realized

  • More efficient and secure: The new account structure allowed Lightning eMotors to integrate with their growing fleet of vehicles using secure connections to the new infrastructure. The AWSbased infrastructure allowed Lightning eMotors to lower capital costs for new infrastructure by 90%.
  • More productive: By migrating their ingestion, processing, and analytics functions to AWS tools such as Aurora, S3, and Athena, Lightning eMotors was able to support a 15% growth in their fleet inventory with the same team.
  • Lower total cost: By migrating their ingest infrastructure to AWS, Lightning eMotors was able to decommission a significant part of their on-premise infrastructure, and avoid refreshes and buildouts for a larger fleet and new regions. They projected a 15% lower net operating cost per unit vs. the older environment.


Lightning eMotors has been providing specialized and sustainable fleet solutions since 2009, deploying complete zero-emission-vehicle (ZEV) solutions for commercial fleets since 2018.


Lightning eMotors produces electric fleet mediumand heavy-duty vehicles. The vehicles produce data and emit data via UDP packets that provide CAN data as well as GPS data. Capturing, storing, and processing this data is crucial to running Lightning eMotor’s business.

Currently this environment is running in an onpremise environment, and Lightning eMotors is experiencing challenges with scaling, performance, availability, and cost of their current solution.

Lightning eMotors asked A2C Cloud to architect and build a cloud-based platform that will scale beyond the current limitations of an on-premises solution.


A2C Cloud created a standardized and secure AWS Organization to enable Lightning eMotors to operate the ingestion and processing of their fleet data securely and efficiently, and used AWS Control Tower to provision the landing zone and account structure. A2CC implemented SAML single-signon with their on-premise identity system.

A2CC then migrated their on-premise ingestion infrastructure and database structure to AWS, and used Database Migration Service and other tools to migrate their MySQL database to an Aurora multi-AZ database. A2CC used S3 to stage ingested data for processing and analytics.