Success Stories





Benefits Realized

  • More efficient and secure: Moving from Heroku to AWS allowed Mainstay to take advantage of the latest security and control features in AWS, and adopt better elasticity and and performance characteristics, resulting in 15% fewer support calls.
  • Better user experience: By leveraging AWS’s advanced elasticity and traffic management capabilities, and optimizing content delivery using services like AWS Cloud Front, Frontline has seen a 20% lower abandon rate on their platform content.
  • Lower total cost: Moving from Heroku to AWS allowed Heroku to optimize their infrastructure use and focus resources on improving user performance, resource optimization, and availability. Overall annualized TCO of their migrated engagement platform components went down by 15%.


Mainstay’s engagement platform makes it easy for colleges and businesses to start and measure meaningful conversations that drive action at scale. From rigorous research methods to their Behavioral Intelligence approach — everything they do is designed with their mission in mind: To spark progress with conversation.


Mainstay has a mature product offering running in the Heroku hosting environment. For Mainstay, the Heroku environment has become a non-strategic investment and they made the decision to migrate their application portfolio to AWS.

Mainstay asked A2CC to build out their new AWS environment and migrate their application portfolio without impacting their users.


A2C Cloud created a standardized and secure AWS Organization structure for the new application portfolio to operate in, using Control Tower to build out a landing zone with accounts, including dev, staging, and production environments and a CI/CD pipeline.

A2CC then built out a new three-tier application structure in the dev environment, Dockerized their Heroku applications, and migrated the applications for testing and validation. The application database was migrated to AWS Aurora using the Database Migration Service, and A2CC helped Mainstay enhance edge support with Cloudfront. after all validation was complete, A2CC pointed users to the new environment and helped Mainstay decommission the Heroku environment.