Success Stories





Benefits Realized

  • More efficient and secure: The new account structure allowed Metritech to operate securely and independently and dynamically control their assets, with a 22% increase in employee productivity and explicit controls to prevent unauthorized access.
  • More productive: The new migrated environment is more productive for both Metritech and their customers. For Metritech, they can dynamically manage infrastructure and test content with less effort. For customers, all customers globally get the same experience, with a 90% reduction in latency for global users.
  • Lower total cost: The dynamically managed and scalable AWS environment delivered more than 50% reduction in annualized run rate for resources and services.


MetriTech was founded in 1982 by Sam Krug, a nationally recognized and oft-cited expert in both psychology and measurement, to develop assessments based on the unique needs of schools, employers, and small- and large-scale organizations.


Metritech’s successful technology is deployed at Rackspace, a prominent co-location data center provider. Metritech was beginning to outgrow their current Rackspace environment and were interested in leveraging AWS’s CloudFront network to address their increasingly global audience and deliver the same performance and experience to their entire customer base.


A2C Cloud created a standardized and secure AWS environment that enabled the Metritech migration to AWS. A2C Cloud then assisted Metritech in migrating their applications, databases, and assets and enabling locationoptimized distribution of testing content using CloudFront distributions, while preventing access to content by A2C Cloud engineers, a contractual requirement of Metritech’s content owners.