Success Stories





Benefits Realized

  • More efficient and secure: The new account structure allowed Qwickly to operate securely and independently, with a 30% increase in control coverage to prevent unauthorized access.
  • More productive: The improved CI/CD tool chain with has allowed Qwickly to operate more efficiently in a standardized way, with a 40% increase in automation across typical workload changes.
  • Better Resiliency: By adding improved, logging, monitoring, backup, and failover capabilities and fully leveraging AWS’s services availability, Qwickly has been able to increase effective availability of their products to 99.5%.


Founded in 2013, Qwickly, Inc. is an educational software company specializing in fully integrated enhancements to learning management systems and other teaching & learning systems. Based in Cleveland, Ohio, Qwickly creates user-centric software solutions for higher education, K12, and other institutions around the world.


Qwickly provides a collection of services to optimize operations for K through 12 and higher education institutions. Services include attendance tracking, course management, and assignments management. Qwickly was already running their services on AWS, and asked A2C Cloud to optimize their account structure, implement best practices for development and operations, and improve availability and resiliency for their platform.


A2C Cloud conducted a Well-Architected Framework review to baseline Qwickly’s environment and assess opportunities for improvement. Based on these findings Qwickly requested us to move forward. We created a standardized and secure AWS Organization structure that allowed Qwickly to operate autonomously and securely. We then implemented several improvements to strengthen Qwickly’s operations, including logging, monitoring, backups, database optimization, network configuration, security, disaster recovery, business continuity, and CI/CD tooling.