Success Stories





Benefits Realized

  • More efficient and secure: With the security remediations and new multi-account structure, ReUp is well positioned for company growth, has remediated outstanding security vulnerabilities, and is able to easily enforce security and operations policies.
  • More productive: By leveraging the new account structure, new monitoring tools, and new operations best practices and automation, ReUp was able to support a 65% increase in demand with the same staffing level.
  • Lower total cost: By adopting best practices recommended by A2C Cloud for operations automation, cost optimization, and elasticity, ReUp was able to reduce annualized run-rate for a similar workload by 23%.


ReUp Education partners with future-facing schools and state systems to strategically evolve how well they can serve returning adult students—providing patented persona technology, success coaching, strategic insights, and advice.


ReUp Education’s existing solution assets were deployed at AWS, but ReUp recognized they would need to make substantial improvements to address operational and security concerns.

ReUp needed a technology partner who could:

  • Take stock of their current technology and security posture and provide recommendations

  • Assist in the remediation of security concerns and provide an attestation letter to share with clients

  • Re-deploy ReUp assets to a new AWS Organization structure, to optimize ability to optimize and automate policy and security enforcement and monitoring


A2C Cloud began by conducting an AWS Well-Architected Assessment, as well as a custom security and best practices deep scan.

Based on these findings, ReUp asked A2C Cloud to remediate all security vulnerabilities, implement core best practices, and provide an attestation letter for clients.

As a follow-on phase, A2C Cloud created a new AWS Organization account structure and network architecture, and then transitioned ReUp’s existing accounts and assets to the new structure.

A2C Cloud is in discussion with ReUp for additional services, including Twilio migration and StateRAMP assessment prep.