Success Stories





Benefits Realized

  • More efficient and secure: By moving core application infrastructure from three data centers to AWS, Storm Smart was able to converge on one hosted environment, with integrated security controls, and lower capital costs by over 60%.
  • More productive: The new cloud-based application environment provided a consistent infastructure, control environment, and operations, enabling Storm Smart to focus more resources on manufacturing and reduce their IT operations spend by 17%.
  • Better DR Planning: By consolidating all activities into a standardized AWS Organization and account structure, Storm Smart was able to focus on their core manufacturing business, and have greater confidence in operations and disaster recovery. These improvements allowed them to reduce DR plan complexity by over 50%.


Located in Southwest Florida, Storm Smart is a group of dedicated hurricane protection industry professionals, with a history of providing unmatched customer service and innovative product development which has set them apart and helped them become one of the largest manufacturers and installers of code-approved hurricane protection products.


Storm Smart was running their business operations out of three separate on-premise data center locations. This infrastructure was becoming complex and difficult to manage.

Storm Smart asked A2C Cloud to create an AWS cloud presence for them, migrate core manufacturing applications to operate in the cloud, and establish availability and disaster recovery capabilities appropriate for their business.


A2C Cloud created a standardized and secure AWS Organization structure that allowed multiple business units to operate autonomously and securely. A2CC then developed and implemented a multi-AZ migration plan for the Storm Smart applications, and set up Aurora in a multi-AZ configuration, and used data migration to sync and migrate the application data. Finally, A2CC set up continuous backups of all core services using AWS Backup services, and worked with Storm Smart to develop and hand over an effective disaster recovery plan.